Revalidation or Renewal?

First of all, let’s explain the terminology:

Revalidation (of a licence, rating or certificate) – this is the process taken if your licence or rating has not expired.

Renewal (of a licence, rating or certificate) – the process required if your licence or rating has expired.

Please note that all revalidations or renewals require completion before expiry. Licensing action cannot be made retrospectively. Any Licence or Rating that has expired (excluding the LAPL) will require an assessment of competence and possible refresher training before an exam is taken.

With friendly and professional staff, we are specialists in tailor-made short renewal and revalidation courses (if required). Unlike some of the larger flight schools, we are available seven days per week.

We can renew / revalidate your LAPL, PPL and IMC/IR(R) ratings. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


To keep your LAPL licence valid you need to have completed, in the last rolling 24 months, as pilot of an aeroplane or TMG at least 12 hours’ flight time as PIC, including 12 take-offs and landing and a one-hour refresher training flight with an instructor.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will need to:

  • complete a proficiency check with an examiner before you exercise the privileges of the licence; or 
  • complete the additional flight time or take-offs and landings to meet the requirements above, flying dual or solo, under the supervision of an instructor.


To revalidate an SEP rating you must: 

  • complete 12 hours of flight time in single-engine (single-pilot) aeroplane within the 12 months preceding the rating’s expiry date, a minimum of 6 hours’ solo flight time (PIC) with 12 take-offs and landing; and
  • a training flight of at least 1 hour (or a maximum of three totalling 1 hour with the same flight instructor). If you have already completed a proficiency check or skill test in another type or class of aeroplane, you will not have to complete this training flight.

If you are unable to complete the above, you will need to pass a proficiency check in a single-engine (single-pilot) aeroplane with an examiner. The proficiency check must take place within the 3 months immediately before the rating’s expiry date. The new rating expiry date will then be based on the expiry date of the current rating.


This rating requires renewing by test every 25 months by an examiner.

Credit for an observed approach can be given only if seen by an examiner, otherwise 2 approaches are required to be flown, a precision (ILS) and a non-precision (SRA, PAR, NDV, RNAV) in addition to general handling on full and partial panel. If taken on a MEP, asymmetric flight is also assessed.