Revalidation or Renewal?

First of all, let’s explain the terminology:

Revalidation (of a licence, rating or certificate) – this is the process taken if your licence or rating has not expired.

Renewal (of a licence, rating or certificate) – the process required if your licence or rating has expired.

Please note that all revalidations or renewals require completion before expiry. Licensing action cannot be made retrospectively. Any Licence or Rating that has expired will require an assessment of competence and possible refresher training before an exam is taken.

With friendly and professional staff, we are specialists in tailor-made short renewal and revalidation courses (if required). Unlike some of the larger flight schools, we are available seven days per week.

We can revalidate / renew your MEP, IR/EIR, Instructor and Examiner Ratings (see below for prices).

Multi-Engine Piston

A Multi-Engine Piston (Land) class rating is valid for 12 months, and must be revalidated by proficiency check by an examiner. As with the SEP rating, if the test is carried out within the three months prior to the expiry date of the rating, the new rating expiry date will be based on the expiry date of the current rating, otherwise from the date of the test.

An additional requirement for revalidation is that the applicant has flown at least 10 route sectors (take-off, cruise of at least 15 minutes, arrival, approach and landing) within the validity of the rating, however this requirement can be substituted by a single route sector flown during the test.

Should an MEP rating have lapsed, the candidate is required to be assessed at an Approved Training Organisation to determine any required refresher training before taking the test.

The MEP renewal/revalidation may also be combined with an IMC/IR(R).

MEP / IR / Instructor & Examiner Revalidation Costs

All exam fees are payable directly to the examiner by cash/cheque. Flight tests will also require the use of an aircraft – charged at the full private hire rate.FLIGHT TESTS COSTS
MEP Class Rating – Initial/Revalidation
Flight Instructor – Initial/Revalidation
Instrument Rating Revalidation (Aircraft)
Flight Examiner Courses
Examiner MEP ground school (1/2 day)£400.00
Examiner SEP ground school (2 days)£700.00
Flight Examiner Flight Test£250.00