Professional Training/Examining Information

We are an Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) approved to carry out training and examining for:

  • Commercial Pilot’s Licence
  • Multi-Engine Piston Rating
  • Instrument Ratings – both Multi-Engine & Single-Engine (including Competence Based IR, “full” IR, and En-Route IR)
  • Instructor Ratings (including Night, Aerobatics, IRI, MEP, FIC, CRI (ME and SE)

With friendly and professional staff, we are specialists in tailor-made courses to suit your individual requirements. Unlike some of the larger flight schools, we are available seven days per week.

Please click on the appropriate tab for further information on each course.

Training Packages – Discounted Rates

Cessna 152PA28-161 Warrior
PA28-181 Archer
PA28-200 Arrow
PA34-220T Seneca
CPL (*5 hours only in Arrow)


CPL (*5hrs Arrow) with IRR 15hr


Flight Instructors Course – FIC(R)


Multi-Engine Rating

IR (for CPL Holders) 45 hours
IR (non CPL holders) 55 hours£14,850£14,850£15,150**
CBIR 10 hrs SE/
10 hrs ME
EIR 15 hrs SE/
16 hrs ME

              **= 30 hours on PA28-181 + 15 hours on PA34-220T

             ***= 12 hours SE + 4 hours ME

  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT. Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal installments, except the night qualification which must be paid in full.

Hourly Rates

Rates per hour for training (the discounted price is the price per hour from buying the training package – see above). Prices include VAT but exclude landing fees. Training prices include pre-flight briefings and relevant ground school. Additional ground school (on request) charged at £42.50 per hour. 

Cessna 152

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
CPL Training£212.00£202.00
FI (Applied Instruments)£330.00£306.00
FI (Aerobatic)£294.00
FI (Night)£294.00£294.00


Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
CPL Training£270.00£260.00
FI (Applied Instruments)£352.00£326.00
FI (Night)£330.00£330.00

PA28-201R Arrow 200HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted

PA34-220T Seneca III

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Multi-Engine Training£456.00£495.00
FI (Multi-Engine)£655.00£620.00