Our 14 year old student’s first lesson – Taxi Practice

Redhill Aviation is delighted to welcome 14 year old PPL student Caspar. 

Caspar and his Dad are regular visitors to Redhill Aerodrome as they volunteer their services as “Hangar Rats” at Hangar 9, next door to the Pilot’s Hub cafe. 

Caspar is a true aviation enthusiast and is already a member of the Redhill and Reigate Air Cadets’ Squadron.

Caspar’s family treated him to a flying lesson for his 14th birthday present. On attaining 14 years of age, it is permitted that any flying lessons be officially logged towards the hours required for PPL training, so Caspar was keen to get underway!

Unfortunately the day of the flight dawned wet, with plenty of low cloud around. However, the lesson slot with instructor Laurance was not wasted and after a comprehensive first briefing, they then set off out into the drizzle for a pre-flight walkaround demonstration. 

“A-Check” complete, it was then time to have a first lesson on familiarisation with the aeroplane, starting procedures, taxiing an aircraft and potential hazards/emergencies. Caspar has made a video of his lesson with Laurance for educational purposes, so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy our enthusiastic and knowledgeable young student’s first lesson with Redhill Aviation:

We look forward to getting Caspar up in the air for his first loggable lesson towards his Pilot’s Licence very soon! We will follow his progress as he advances through his PPL training.