Aircraft Hire

Prices listed below are wet and inclusive of VAT but exclude landing and circuit fees. We do not charge a fuel surcharge on any of our rates.

MembershipYearlyMonthlyDay MembershipPassengers

Hourly Rates

Prices listed below are inclusive of VAT but exclude landing and circuit fees.

Hourly RatesBlock of hoursCessna 152 & AerobatPA28-161 Warrior PA28-181 Archer Piper PA28R ARROW 200HPBeechcraft BE76 Duchess
Standard Price£155.00£175.00£195.00£250.00£420.00
Discounted Rate15+ hours£138.00£155.00£165.00£220.00n/a
Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday only£138.00£155.00£165.00£220.00n/a

Club Check-out & Redhill familiarisation online course

The Redhill club checkout for someone who hasn’t flown at Redhill Aerodrome before consists of a minimum of three flights to cover the following:

  • General handling
  • A briefing of navigation in the local area to include all VRPs used in departure and re-join procedures, and local airspace restrictions
  • An circuit exercise with emphasis on runway 18/36.

To assist with your club checkout we encourage you to complete our free Redhill familiarisation course on Canvas. This online course is designed to provide you with additional resources and information about Redhill Aerodrome and our procedures.

To enroll in the free course, simply fill out the form below. If you already have a Canvas account with us, the course will be added directly to your account. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email to set up a new canvas account.

Hour Building?

In teaching the CPL course we see a lot of people who have come through the modular route after hour building.

Hour building, more than just something which must be done, is a great opportunity to fly to new airfields, honing your skills and getting ready to undertake further training. In order to give you the confidence to fly to the new and further afield we have produced the free structured hour building course.

The course consists of three stages to allow you to work your way up to more advanced routes and airfields, with earlier stages supporting you in your planning and later stages giving you the freedom and confidence to plan land-aways without any support.

Cross Channel Flying

Prior to flying cross channel for the first time all members must fly with an instructor. The cross channel check course is directly from our briefing materials for this check. Whether you have flown across many times before and just want a refresh or are going for the first time with an instructor, this free course will ensure you are ready to go.

Remember you can always top up your account online.

Excellent flying school. Very friendly staff, top instructors, good selection of aircraft and a super airfield to fly from. Definitely be going back to do some aeros!
Brendan, 18 October 2017 (Piper Arrow checkout & complex aircraft sign-off)

I had a very warm welcome in their offices today, really nice people working there who actually saw you as a person rather than just another client. Had a really nice check flight with Jim, who got me comfortable in their plane. They really pulled out all the stops, managed to sort a plane out for me for a whole weekend at very short notice what more can I possibly say? Absolutely wonderful – what more could you possibly want from a school or plane rental organisation?
Alex, 5 October 2017 (Piper Arrow checkout and long weekend rental)