Successful Radiotelephony Exam!

Further congratulations to our student Ed who successfully passed his practical RT exam today with our in-house RT examiner, Jill Develin.

Having already successfully passed his LAPL Skills Test last week, Ed may now apply for his licence. An interesting point to note – unlike the PPL, one of the conditions of the LAPL is that licence holders must first complete 10 hours' solo flying before taking passengers.

Congratulations Ed!!!

What is involved in the practical RT exam?

The practical RT exam can be carried out here at Redhill Aviation and is designed to demonstrate your competence using the radio, by following correct phraseology and procedures.

The examiner will give you a route just as in a real flight. You will be exposed to most situations you may meet in a career of flying, but all in one "flight"!

A thorough briefing is given by your examiner, after which you will plan your flight as though it were a real one.

Once ready, your "flight" will begin, but unlike real flying you may compress time as you wish so no long pauses are required. 

You will be expected to request or obtain a SVFR clearance, a MATZ penetration and liaise regarding which type of ATC service you require outside controlled airspace. Either a position fix or request of a QDM is included, together with a Pan or Mayday call – either from you or relaying one from another unit. You may even have to give a pollution report. 

Your RT phraseology will be that required in CAP413, giving read backs as required.

This is the one exam you may complete after your skills test, but is required before applying for your licence (as our student Ed did). 

It may sound daunting, but you will have covered most of what is needed during your flight training and our friendly instructors will be willing to give advice as required.

January 28, 2017 12:00 am

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