Recent News Roundup…

At Redhill Aviation Flight Centre we have certainly been busy so far this year, with lots of new members signing up to fly with us.

We enjoy working with members & students from a huge variety of backgrounds. As a few examples:

 New members Georg and Oliver have joined us to commence their initial PPL training;

 Callum is an airline pilot who wishes to renew his Single Engine Piston rating in our PA28 Archer;

 Mark is a glider pilot who is already “flying” through his early training, on his way to obtain a LAPL;

 Erdinc is a lapsed PPL who first passed his test in 1982. He is now working towards renewing his licence using our PA28 and as part of his refresher training, chose to fly to Le Touquet with an instructor – well why not?!

In other news, one of our more senior members, Ernest, has already passed his Operational Procedures and Air Law theory exams aged 77 – proving you are never too old to learn!

Another student, Ben, has recently passed all of his theory exams in record time. He managed to complete all but one exam in just one 10 day “sitting” and averaged a score of 88% across all 9 theory tests.

On the practical side, we are delighted to congratulate student Glynn on his recent solo navigation to Lydd in C152 G-BOLV.

Member Annabelle, who passed gained her PPL with us less than a year ago on a Cessna 152, is now in the process of transitioning to a PA28, of which we currently have two variants – an additional 160hp model, as well as our usual 180hp aircraft fitted with Garmin 430 GPS. We encourage our members to fly together to share experiences, workload and costs and Annabelle and Erdinc have already teamed up to do just that!

Three students so far this year have successfully passed their practical radiotelephony exams with our in-house examiner Jill Develin.

We have celebrated several First Solos, facilitated by the fact that we are now able to send our students solo on the improved unlicenced tarmac Runway 07/25 during the wetter months.

We have also had three recent PPL skills test passes, plus a LAPL skills test pass to round off an excellent start to the year!

With so many brilliant students, it calls for brilliant instructors and so we have recently welcomed Ken, Jim, Ian and Peter on board complement our busy team.

At Redhill Aviation, we are often asked why our prices are so much more competitive than other flight schools? One answer is that we have our own, long-established, maintenance facility based at the aerodrome. Our busy engineering team ensure that routine checks and any maintenance issues are turned around quickly, ensuring that we have our aircraft back and ready to fly as soon as possible. 

Added to that, we have tried and tested training aircraft, with multiple airframes of each type, enabling our students to be able to fly as often as possible.

Our hardworking team of engineers is overseen by our owner, who has been working as an aircraft engineer for his entire career and has vast knowledge and experience to ensure that the aircraft are ready for us to fly. This is Richard, a linchpin in the smooth operation of the maintenance hangar. He is seen here, returning an aircraft back for flying duties:

If our recent news has inspired you, give our friendly Ops Desk a call on 01737 822959 and we would be pleased to help you to achieve your goal….

March 15, 2017 12:00 am

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