PPL Qualifying Cross-Country Complete!

Part of the course to gain the PPL involves the qualifying cross country or QXC for short. This must be a solo flight by a student without their instructor. Leaving their home base to fly to two different airfields, landing at both before returning, and must be at least 150nm.

Our PPL Student Michael planned a route for his Qualifying cross country, taking him into Earls Colne, Lydd and back. This would take him over Southend airport where he would ask for a crossing in order to enter their ATZ. This would allow him to fly a near direct route between Earls Colne and Lydd. In total a very demanding but rewarding near 3 hours of flying in a day!

Today started with a layer of fog covering the airfield when we got in. This gave Michael time to go through his route with our instructor Vlad so he could be signed off to go solo. Once the fog had cleared Michael set off in our Cessna 152 G-BOYL to complete his plan, ensuring to get his form signed at Earls Colne and Lydd, before returning to Redhill!

With this complete Michael will now begin preparing for his final skills test with a few more flights to go he should be ready to complete the last hurdle and gain his PPL licence.

Congratulations Captain!

Student standing next to their C152 after a successful Solo Qualifying Cross Country.

February 5, 2020 5:00 pm

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