IMC Success!!!

Many congratulations to our student Johnathan who today successfully passed his IMC (IR[R]) Skills Test on his first attempt!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Johnathan decided to combine his IMC training with a conversion to a complex type by performing most of his training on our PA28-201 Arrow. This has both a constant-speed propeller and retractable undercarriage, meaning it cruises at around 130Kts. Johnathan also had to get to grips with the more advanced instrumentation including HSI and RMI, as well as Garmin 430 GPS. He should therefore feel justifiably proud that he passed his test today in just over 20 hours.

Unfortunately, the weather today was not kind to Johnathan! After days and days of sunshine, today dawned cold, wet and windy and the test was conducted in real IMC conditions.

Flying with in-house examiner Jim, the test involved both a precision and non-precision approach – both conducted at Southend. 

Once these were completed, there was an element of VOR tracking and general handling which included:

  • climbing and descending at a given speed;
  • partial panel work*, including turns onto given headings;
  • recovery from unusual attitudes.

*For the uninitiated, "partial panel" flying involves the Attitude Indicator and Direction Indicator being covered up to simulate a technical problem. 

Johnathan is aiming high with his flying – he now plans to start his ATPL theory training in order to become a Commercial Pilot. 

Congratulations Captain!

August 30, 2017 12:00 am

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