Fantastic Flyout to Lee on Solent!

We had a great turnout for our Fly Out to Lee on Solent today – with no fewer than six aircraft taking part. Participants comprised a variety of PPLs, students, instructors and passengers just along for the ride!

Pre-flight planning was finalised at the club before flight:


And our instructors were on hand to assist with any queries:


Once the planning had been completed, it was time to check out the aircraft before departure:

Although the conditions were slightly hazy en-route, the visibility improved once over the Solent:

Our intrepid team all arrived safely at Lee on Solent and were greeted with a warm welcome on landing from those manning “Lee Radio”:


 The arrival of six aircraft in quick succession started to fill the parking spaces: 

After a short walk to The Golden Bowler Pub our intrepid gang swapped aviation anecdotes over a well-earned lunch:

Pilots, passengers, students and instructors refuelled, it was time to head back to Redhill. Hopefully all those roast lunches didn’t affect the mass & balance too much – perhaps this pilot was just double-checking!

After first verifying that it was safe to cross the active runways, there was a long taxi to the holding point to carry out the pre-departure checks. Runway 23 was in use today.

Checks complete, it was time to depart:

Some aircraft could fly faster than others:

But everybody enjoyed their flights back home!


All in all, a great day out and we look forward to the next event. We hope that you will join us!

May 15, 2016 11:00 am

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