14 Year Old Student's First Circuits – With Video!

Our 14 year old student, Phillip, had his first taste of flying circuits today. Circuit training is generally a very intensive part of the course and Phillip has kindly shared a video of his experience. Phillip describes the lesson in his own words below:

“This is the fifth time I’ve flown and I was very excited when I heard that I was going to be doing circuits for the first time. For the first circuit Laurance flew the aircraft and I watched how a circuit is flown but I soon got the hang of it. When I got the controls, I was excited to see how my first landing would turn out but it wasn’t my best. My next landing was better and I was getting the hang of doing before landing checks and talking to ATC. My third landing was the best, it is what most pilots would call a greaser landing. On my final circuit I was fully talking to ATC and felt very confident doing circuits. On my taxi back to Redhill Aviation I felt very proud of myself for what I have just completed. My favourite part of the lesson was getting that perfect landing because it showed how far I had come from my first landing”.

July 15, 2019 12:00 am

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