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Summer Operations now in force

Summer 2016 Operating Hours & Fuelling Arrangements


Aerodrome hours of Availability

WEF Sunday 27 March 2016 the standard operating hours of the Aerodrome will be 0900-1900 local (0800-1800 UTC).

Out of Hours permits are available for fixed-wing aircraft to cover operations between 0700-0800 hours BST and 1900-2200 hours BST. Please contact the SATCO for details.


During the summer period all fixed-wing fuelling will take place at the Tower; aircraft must taxy to the western end of the Tower building. In exceptional circumstances e.g. aircraft coming out of maintenance the AVGAS bowser will attend the hangars.

The AVTUR bowser will remain mobile. Rotors-running refuels will be available at weekends for London Sight-seeing flights.

Please note the fuelling hours are 0900 – 1845 hours daily.


Philip Wright
Aerodrome manager/SATCO