Skills Test Success!!!

Congratulations to our student Jonathan, a computer games programmer, who successfully passed his PPL Skills Test today!

Jonathan initially commenced his training in Scotland, but work commitments prevented him from continuing his course. Jonathan joined Redhill Aviation earlier this summer and completed his PPL in just over 50 hours. 

The conditions today were ideal for the test, and Jonathan flew Cessna 152 G-BOYL with our in-house examiner, Laurance. Our student was first tasked to plan a route to the east, over the Kent countryside. Once well-established on the first leg, Jonathan was asked to perform an in-flight diversion. This was followed by a demonstration on how to use a VOR for position finding. 

Once the navigation element was complete, Jonathan performed general handling of the aircraft – including steep turns, stalling, recovery from a spiral descent, a practice forced landing and a practice engine failure after take-off. 

After demonstrating some instrument flying, they then returned to Redhill for some circuits to finish the test. These included a full-flap landing, a flapless landing and a glide approach to land. 

The flight test lasted over two hours, but the intense concentration definitely paid off as Jonathan achieved a first-time pass.

Congratulations Captain!

September 22, 2017 12:00 am

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