PPL Skills Test Pass in 47 hours!!

HUGE congratulations to our student Jack who passed his PPL Skills Test today! Jack achieved this milestone in just over the course minimum requirement of 45 hours and in under a year.

Today Jack flew Cessna 152, G-BOYL (aka "Susan") on this bright but breezy November day. Jack flew with our in-house examiner, Laurance, who first of all tested Jack on his navigation skills to the east of Redhill Aerodrome (including a diversion which was planned in-flight). After successful completion of this element, Jack was then put through his paces with the general handling section of the test. This included steep turns, stalling, practice forced landings and a simulated engine failure after take-off. Jack was also tested on some instrument flying, to simulated inadvertent entry into cloud.

On return to Redhill, Jack then had to demonstrate several circuits in various different configurations – normal (with flaps), flapless and finally a glide approach to land.

Jack has been a committed student, who has travelled to fly with Redhill Aviation all the way from the Cotswolds! He now plans to continue with his flying and hopefully have a future career in commercial aviation.

Congratulations Captain, you've made an excellent start!

November 8, 2018 12:00 am

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