Our 12 year old flying student on CBBC!

Watch our 12 year old student Phillip's awesome "Plane Den" being constructed last year on CBBC's revisit of "The Dengineers". It goes without saying that we are all very envious! The programme can be found using this iPlayer link (which will open in a new window). Phillip's piece starts at 19:01.

In this revisit programme, Lauren also interviews Phillip at Redhill Aerodrome's Pilot Hub Cafe and hears about his passion for all things aviation. We then see footage of Phillip's brilliant second flying lesson, with our instructor Mariano. Followers of our blog will have seen Phillip's first ever take off during this same lesson! For those who missed it, that video is also shown below.

Great work Phillip! Keep it up!

November 11, 2017 12:00 am

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