14 year old Phillip's video of his recent flight

Followers of our blog will remember Phillip, who first flew with Redhill Aviation aged 12. 

Phillip recently turned 14 and his family bought him another flying lesson as a present. Now over to Phillip who describes his recent flight with instructor Laurance…

"This was my first flight since I turned 14 so it could actually count towards my PPL. I had been unlucky with the weather as it had been postponed 4 times, so I was raring to go. Even so it was touch and go, but finally the cloud cleared and even though there were some gusty crosswinds, we were good to go. 

After a comical moment during preflight checks where I realised I hadn't actually shut the door properly, we taxied round to refuel and were off. It felt great to be flying again as it had been a long time between flights. It was challenging to keep level in the wind and i was really pleased that Laurance said that in the conditions I did well. He only needed to give me a little help just before landing as the wind caught us about 20 feet off the ground. And now onto my next lesson and to get reading my Pooleys manuals….

Thank you to everyone at Redhill Aviation – they make learning to fly a great experience".

It sounds as though Phillip flew really well in some lively conditions. Phillip kindly made a few videos of some of his flight – including both his expert take off and landing (in crosswind conditions) – and we have permission to share it with you here. We look forward to following your progress Phillip, keep up the great work!

February 20, 2019 12:00 am

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