Your Aerodrome Needs You!!!

Please, please, please can we encourage anyone reading this to URGENTLY send an email to Tandridge District Council opposing their plans for a Garden Village in Surrey. Most people are aware that Redhill Aerodrome has been chosen as one of the four potential sites, despite being Green Belt land. It is imperative that Tandridge are made aware that a Garden Village anywhere in Surrey is not a viable solution. 

The deadline for objections is 9 October. Nothing received after that date will be considered. 

We urge you to please email the Council NOW (before you forget) at: Please say in your own words why you object to ANY Garden Village and specifically how you may be affected by a Garden Village at Redhill Aerodrome.

Nutfield Parish Council have requested that everyone emails the Council, rather than using the Tandridge Planning Portal option. If you need some ideas on some of the salient points relevant to Redhill Aerodrome to include in your email, please see some reasons here.

Please don't leave this until later on. Every objection counts and they must all be in BEFORE 9 October.

October 3, 2017 12:00 am

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