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Successful Qualifying Cross Country Flight!

Congratulations to our student Brent, who completed his solo Qualifying Cross Country flight today!

Brent has waited a little while to finally get to do this all-important flight but judging by his face on return, it was definitely worth the wait!

Prior to his flight, Brent had carefully planned his three-leg route from Redhill to Earls Colne to Lydd and return back to Redhill. Before he set off, Brent called up the two other airfields for the necessary permission to visit (known as PPR). In the meantime Brent's planning was checked by our instructor Simon to ensure that all should run as smoothly as possible. Here is Brent before he set off:Although there were clouds overhead, they were high enough not to pose a problem for Brent and he was able to route towards his first destination, Earls Colne, without any difficulty. 

After landing safely on runway 24 and getting his all-important QXC sheet signed as proof of his visit, Brent called us up at Redhill to update us with his progress. We congratulated him and wished him well for his next leg.

Brent then had to route to Lydd via the Southend overhead - something which he hadn't tried before but had planned perfectly. Sure enough, he called Southend and they were able to offer him the crossing which he requested routing directly overhead . Brent was asked to remain above 2,500' and as he looked below at the airfield, he watched an easyJet A320 taxiing on the runway beneath him! 

Brent landed safely at Lydd on runway 21 and took the opportunity to have a short break and something to eat and drink. Once again, his QXC sheet was signed and he called us with a further update. 

After departing Lydd, Brent set course to Tenterden then tracked towards Bewl Water - a great feature which stands out well from the air. Once overhead Bewl, he then set course for Bough Beech Reservoir - a familiar landmark for our students to the east of Edenbridge town and a welcome landmark to signal that he was nearly home!

Brent made a great landing back at Redhill and his face after shutting down says it all!Tired but happy, Brent proudly showed us his QXC sheet where his airmanship and landings were marked "good" and "very good" by the two airfields!In total, Brent had flown for just under 3 hours - his longest flight so far. 

Congratulations Captain, a brilliant achievement!