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Successful Qualifying Cross Country Flight!

It has been another fabulous day of flying at Redhill Aviation, and another student successfully completed his cross country qualifying flight. 

At the start of the day, the weather was questionable, Redhill Aerodrome was submerged in fog, but it was forecast to get better. At 11am, the sun started to break through the fog, and by midday our student Aidan was ready. After finalising his route planning, Aidan set off initially to refuel the Cessna 152 he was using (G-BGFX), after which he was due to set off. Unfortunately Aidan's instructor Mark noticed that Aidan had forgotten the most important thing required for the flight, the completion form. Without it, the flight would have been a long solo navigation exercise, as the all-important form has to be signed by staff at the other aerodromes on the route. While Aidan refuelled, instructor Mark called the helpful chaps at Redhill's Air Traffic Control, who instructed Aidan to come back to the club. 

After collecting his form, Aidan once again set off, and this time departed from runway 18 for his adventure. He returned to Redhill at approximately 4:30pm after a successful flight from Redhill, to Earl's Colne, to Lydd then back to Redhill - 150 NM in total. 

Congratulations Aidan, another milestone achieved!