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Successful PPL Skills Test Pass!!!

Congratulations to our student Shaun who successfully completed his PPL Skills Test today!

Followers of our blog may remember young Shaun, who started flying with us at Redhill Aviation aged just 16 years. However Shaun had been interested in aviation from a very young age:Making rapid progress through his training and having previously completed the first 3 of the 9 theory exams, Shaun flew his first solo back at the start of his summer holidays in 2016, still aged just 16! Below is a video of Shaun flying his very first solo, taken from the Air Traffic Control Tower, Redhill Aerodrome:

An in-cockpit view of what Shaun's very first solo flight:

The smile afterwards says it all:His achievement was even featured in the Richmond & Twickenham Times:Once back at school, Shaun continued to study for the remainder of the PPL theory exams alongside his A Level studies. We were impressed with Shaun’s dedication to his training – with the support of his school, Shaun (still too young to be able to drive) would travel for several hours by public transport in order to make his lesson slots. By September 2017 (one year later) Shaun had completed all 9 of his theory exams with an average score of 84%.During the same week as finishing his theory exams, Shaun built on his success by carrying out some circuit consolidation practice with instructor Laurance, before then flying 5 solo circuits – adding another 40 minutes towards the required 10 hours solo flying time. The video below was filmed by Shaun's Mum who had a grandstand view from The Pilot's Hub cafe! Here is Shaun departing for his solo circuit consolidation:And below is Shaun performing a Touch & Go:Shaun being congratulated afterwards by instructor Laurance:Fast-forward to Summer 2018 and Shaun has not only got his own driving licence but also successfully completed his A-Levels and is looking forward to starting University. As a slight departure from the usual PPL syllabus, he also found time to enjoy an introduction to aerobatics with our instructor Simon:

Having worked progressively through the flying training syllabus as and when time has allowed, Shaun successfully flew his Solo Qualifying Cross Country flight at the end of August 2018. A mandatory part of the PPL syllabus, students must navigate a route of a minimum 150 NM solo, landing at two different airfields apart from “home base”. The task usually takes half a day, depending on how long our students remain on the ground at each destination. Shaun’s route took him from Redhill to Lydd, then Lydd to Goodwood before returning back to Redhill.The final solo navigation exercise complete, it was time for Shaun to revise and brush up on all the skills he has learned whilst training with us over the last few years. Following a few practices, Shaun was put forward for his PPL Skills Test this week. Unfortunately, bad weather meant that he was unable to take the test when originally planned. With the countdown to Shaun’s departure for University this coming weekend, the pressure was on! Fortunately, better weather as the week progressed meant that the test could finally go ahead this afternoon with our in-house examiner Tuhin. Flying Cessna 152 G-BOYL (affectionately known as Susan!) Shaun was fortunate to have missed the band of rain which had passed over the area earlier in the afternoon. Returning to Redhill once the test was over, Shaun was rewarded with a lovely evening backdrop for his celebratory pictures:

Shaun with our in-house examiner, Tuhin, following successful completion of his PPL Skills Test:Shaun with a picture of his great-grandpa Jeff, who served in the RAF. The motto of Jeff's Squadron was "Tenacity":

Shaun with his proud parents:

Congratulations Captain! We hope your experience will encourage others of all ages to consider following their dreams of learning to fly.

If Shaun's story has inspired you, please give our friendly team a call on 01737 822959 to find out how to start to make YOUR ambition a reality.