Revalidation Completed!

Congratulations to our member Erdinc, who successfully revalidated his licence today with our in-house examiner Tuhin in our PA28 G-BIUY.

Erdinc first got his PPL in 1982 but his licence lapsed some time ago. He has been doing some refresher training with our instructors and as part of that, chose to get a cross channel checkout at the same time by flying to Le Touquet!

The weather this week has been dry, sunny and pretty warm at Redhill – resulting in the grass runway 26R unexpectedly opening up in time for the test today. This didn't pose a problem at all for Erdinc, who completed his revalidation test successfully and will now be applying for his shiny new EASA PPL licence!

Very well done!

March 17, 2017 12:00 am

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