Our Fleet

Redhill Aviation operates a fleet of Cessna 152, two-seat training aircraft plus the ubiquitous Piper PA28, an aircraft that can carry up to four people. We offer two variants – the 160HP “Cadet”, as well as the 180HP “Archer”, fitted with a Garmin 430 and leather seats.

For those who wish to move up to a faster, complex type (with retractable undercarriage and variable-pitch propeller) we offer the Piper Arrow PA28R. The Arrow is also fitted with a Garmin 430 GPS.

For MEP and Instrument training / revalidations / renewals, we have the Seneca III. We are able to offer the full range of Instrument training courses – CBIR, “full” IR and also Enroute IR. 

G-BGFX Cessna F152

G-BOLV, our IFR-equipped C152 suitable for IMC/IR(R) training
Cessna A 152 Aerobat
G-BOYL (affectionately known as “Susan”!) is another IFR-equipped C152, suitable for both PPL & IMC/IR(R) training
Piper PA28-161 Warrior Cadet
Piper PA28-161 Warrior

G-BPTE Piper Archer PA28-181, fitted with Garmin 430 & leather seats. A four-place training/touring aircraft

G-EDVL, our Piper Arrow II PA28R. A fast, four-place touring aircraft fitted with Garmin 430. Used for CPL training, revalidations & renewals. Also available for hire
PA34 Seneca 3 for MEP MEIR training

G-RAML our Piper Seneca III. A fast, six-place aircraft with two engines. Used for MEP training, CBIR / IR training, revalidations & renewals. Also available for hire