Online Booking System is now live

We are excited to announce that we can now offer the opportunity for students and licenced members to book lessons/flight slots via our new online booking system (found here).

This intelligent booking system is created by Pooleys and has been tried and tested by many other flight schools. The system knows where booking times will conflict and only allows available slots to be chosen. 

All current members and students should now have received an email containing their unique login details. Once logged in, you will be able to view aircraft and/or instructor availability and request a slot accordingly. All slot requests will be directed to our Operations desk for approval. Once the booking is approved, you will receive a confirmation email – so when you first log on, do please ensure that all contact details which we have for you are correct and up to date!

To comply with Data Protection laws and to maintain privacy, only Instructors and Ops staff will be able to see all the names displayed on the booking grid. You will of course see your own name, but other bookings will simply state “booked” when a slot has already been allocated.It is possible to amend or postpone a booking via the online system up to two days prior to the flight. Less than two days notice of a change will require you to contact Operations directly please.

Under the “My Profile” tab, each user is able to enter details of any licences/ratings which they already hold and request a reminder notification to be emailed on a suitable date before the expiry of each. We would strongly recommend that you make use of this function as we know how hard it can be to keep track of all the different expiry dates concerning your medical, licence, various ratings etc.

For licensed pilots, there is a “Buddy Flight” function. When the “Buddy Up Flight” box is ticked, the booking is viewable to anyone who may wish to join such a flight. A user can search a date (or range) s/he wishes to join a flight and if any flights have been flagged for that date (or range), they will be displayed.

For anyone who would still prefer to make bookings in the traditional way, please continue to ring Ops, who will be happy to assist. Likewise, please contact Ops if you haven’t yet received your log-in details.

Happy New Year to all and we look forward to seeing you at Redhill Aviation soon!

January 2, 2019 12:00 am

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