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Night Rating Completed!

Congratulations to Humberto who completed his Night Rating with instructor Laurance last night. 

Humberto came to Redhill Aviation Flight Centre in order to complete his night rating and flew Cessna 152 G-BOYL. He had already flown 2.5 hours at another airfield near to where he is completing his degree in Aviation Studies. Unfortunately, bad weather and lengthening evenings prevented completion and as Humberto lives local to Redhill, he requested that we help him complete his night rating. 

The after-dark flying was carried out at Southend Airport after first ferrying the aircraft there. An hour of circuit flying with a challenging cross wind was followed by Humberto completing his five solo take-offs and landings on Runway 23. After a short break, a further hour was spent carrying out a navigation exercise. This was a challenge for any pilot new to night flying due to hazy conditions and no moon, however Humberto navigated the aircraft successfully back to the airfield - landing back at Southend just before midnight. Southend ATC were, as always, very accommodating, especially as the airport had to close for a period overnight due to staff sickness. 

Both Laurance and Humberto stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn conveniently located just 5 minutes' walk from the apron. The aircraft departed Southend after a refuel at 0820 in order to arrive back at Redhill just on opening. 

With his night rating complete, Humberto is now in a position to commence his CPL and IR training, with his dream of becoming an Airline Pilot. 

We were very happy to be able to assist at short notice this young pilot's training requirements and are always willing to discuss similar training needs. 

We wish Humberto every success for his future training and job-hunting.