Further BWPA Scholarship Available for Ladies!

We are pleased to be able to pass on this further announcement from the British Women Pilots' Association in relation to a SEVENTH Scholarship Opportunity available for members of the BWPA:

Now announcing our seventh Scholarship for 2017 – the BWPA Air Total Scholarship 2017! 

Following on from our recent announcement of six BWPA Scholarships for 2017, we are now very pleased to be able to announce an exciting seventh Scholarship for female pilots in 2017, the BWPA Air Total Flying Futures Scholarship 2017, worth £1000.

This has very kindly been donated for the successful BWPA applicant by Air Total Aviation Fuels. The award is available for any type of directly engine-powered flying, to pilots with at least a first qualification, to provide support towards a particular personal or more unusual flying challenge. Examples might include (but are definitely not restricted to) air racing, a navigation competition, a flight to an uncommon destination, a mountain flying course etc. etc. If you have an interesting project in mind – apply!

The award will be made to the female pilot who, in the opinion of the selection panel describes the most realistic, feasible, well planned and interesting project along with demonstrating a high chance of completing the project. (The panel also reserves the right to make no award if no suitable candidate is identified). The panel will include a representative from Air Total Aviation Fuels.

As for our other six Scholarships, all applicants must be members of the BWPA at the time of application and on the closing date (15th April 2017). 

BWPA membership is not restricted to UK citizens or residents. Application forms for all our seven scholarships, and full details of membership are available from our website. You may apply for more than one scholarship, provided you satisfy the relevant application criteria for each.

We very much look forward to receiving your application.

The link to the relevant page on the BWPA website can be found here and you will be able to download the applications forms for ALL the Scholarships available from that page.

March 5, 2017 12:00 am

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