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First Solo!!!

Huge congratulations to our student David who flew his first solo circuit today!

David started to learn to fly after his mate also started his flight training (with a school in a different area). David works full time so only flies at weekends but has made steady progress and has been training on our Cessna 152s.

Today's flight was tricky in more ways than one! Firstly, although the weather was beautiful there was a mild crosswind on Runway 26L. Before the flight, instructor Laurance briefed David on the various methods of tackling a crosswind landing. They both set off in G-BGFX and David proceeded to demonstrate three very good approaches and landings. At this point, Laurance announced that he would like to be dropped off at the Tower so that David could fly the next one alone!

Checks complete, David was soon airborne once again and flew a great circuit and final approach. During this time, another aircraft which had been cleared for take off ahead of David's landing managed to overshoot the runway entrance - meaning that he had to turn around on the taxiway. As a result, Air Traffic Control had to instruct David to "go around" (i.e. fly a missed approach) back into the circuit! This is a situation that that all our students are trained for before going solo and David was able to demonstrate a faultless response to the "go around" instruction. 

David continued back around the circuit and made a great landing afterwards! Here he is returning back to the Tower to collect instructor Laurance again:

The smile says it all!

Congratulations Captain - a great achievement!