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First Solo!!!

Congratulations to our student Ryan who flew his first solo circuit today!

Ryan has been ready for his first solo for a little while but unfortunately the weather has intervened on several occasions. However, Ryan was able to take advantage of the fabulous February sunshine which we have enjoyed this week and flew Cessna 152 G-BOLV with instructor Laurance for a few practice circuits beforehand. Ryan had been used to flying from the tarmac taxiway over the last few months, but the unexpected fine weather this week has meant that some of our grass runways have reopened. Today's winds favoured Runway 18, which is a slightly more difficult circuit than the east/west runways due to the proximity of Gatwick's airspace. 

As soon as Ryan was able to consistently demonstrate that he was able to follow the strict circuit pattern and carry out the necessary drills at all the appropriate points in the circuit, instructor Laurance was dropped off at the Air Traffic Control Tower and Ryan departed alone for the first time. 

First solos are always memorable and Ryan came back with a huge smile afterwards.

Congratulations Captain!