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Breakfast Fly Out to Thruxton

Today pilots, passengers, students and instructors from Redhill Aviation were invited to breakfast at Thruxton Airfield!

The morning started early with some last-minute route planning at the club:

And our instructors were on hand to give advice and answer questions:

Planning complete, it was time to check the aircraft before departure:

The flying conditions were great for the flight - although there were clouds, they were high enough not to cause any difficulties:

And while some students were busy working hard:

Their passengers were able to enjoy the ride!:

Thruxton is a great airfield with both hard and grass runways:

And there was an aerial welcoming committee in the form of a yellow TB9!:

While we were taking photos of it, they were taking pictures of us arriving!:

Once everyone had landed safely, there was plenty of room for everyone to park at Thruxton:

Thruxton Airfield very kindly offered us half-price landing fees, along with breakfasts for just £5 - much appreciated by our hungry pilots! We were also issued with another free landing voucher which we can use until the end of the year, so we will certainly be visiting again soon!