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Another First Solo!

Many congratulations to our student Andy who achieved his first solo today! 

Prior to the big event, Andy practiced some circuits with our instructor Mark on Rwy 36 - which is always an exciting runway to land on! Although it was a lovely afternoon, the northerly wind was quite strong - meaning that our C152 G-BOLV wanted to keep flying rather than land!

After instructor Mark got out of the aircraft, Andy commenced his first ever solo circuit. Many of our students comment on how much lighter an aircraft feels when there is suddenly no instructor on board and today was no exception - particularly with the amount of chocolate biscuits Mark had apparently eaten beforehand! 

With the strong winds and unusually light feel to the aircraft, Andy wisely elected to go around from his first approach, just as he had been taught to do if he wasn't 100% happy. On his second attempt, Andy had the circuit nailed and finished with a greaser of a landing!

Well done Andy - a brilliant achievement!