14 year old student's first "loggable" flying lesson!

Followers of our blog will remember our young 14 year old student, Caspar, who produced a video of his first lesson covering taxi practice (if you missed it, the link is here). 

This week, the weather was much kinder to Caspar and he was finally able to have his first officially loggable flying lesson, bought as a 14th birthday present by his family.

Caspar is an enthusiastic young aviator and a member of the Redhill and Reigate Air Cadets' Squadron. He and his father help out as "hangar rats" at Redhill Aerodrome's Hangar 9 and consequently Caspar has already enjoyed many flights with locally-based aircraft. However now aged 14, Caspar is now able to officially log hours flown with a flying instructor towards those required to gain his Private Pilot's Licence.

We are delighted that Caspar chose Redhill Aviation Flight Centre to help him on his way to achieving his ambition and we shall enjoy following his progress.

Caspar is considering a career in Air Traffic Control and so who better to team him with than our very own instructor, examiner and (when he's not flying) Gatwick Air Traffic Controller, Laurance!

Caspar made a video of his very first official flying lesson with Laurance and has kindly shared it with us to encourage others (especially other youngsters) to consider learning to fly. Although Caspar has an advantage in that he has flown before, it is still vitally important to ensure that nothing is inadvertently missed during his training and so today's first lesson covers the basic effects of controls, learning about the correct aircraft "attitude" picture, using the trim wheel and turning. Caspar's thorough preparation and enthusiasm shows through in his ability to also carry out many of the checks required, to talk on the radio and even to perform the take off on his very first lesson!

Well done on making a "flying start" to your training Caspar!

September 2, 2017 12:00 am

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